Transportation Management System

End-to-end single platform creates shared real-time visibility of your shipment status for convenience and peace of mind.

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High-Touch Logistics

UniGroup Logistics Platform

Get ahead of the competition with the UniGroup Logistics Platform (UGLP) — a single, end-to-end transportation management system — that delivers shared, real-time visibility of shipment status; a streamlined order process, from start to finish; real time order updates; track and trace capabilities; and electronic proof of delivery.  

Now, with this transportation management system, you can plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of the customers’ incoming and outgoing orders like never before, while ensuring the shipments are meeting the customers’ needs. Throughout the entire process, benefit from peace of mind, efficient communication and easy connectivity with all hands involved.  

End-to-End Transportation Management Software


UGLP allows for connectivity and collaboration at all levels —  be it agent to agent, with drivers, UniGroup employees, customers and service providers. Keep connected with all logistics business segments including LTL, TL, Express, Brokerage and Project Management, revolutionizing the logistics experience and positioning  for growth — today and down the line. 

Single, End-to-End Platform

UGLP’s technology will streamline the order process from start to finish, allowing for more efficient communication, real time order updates and track and trace capabilities. Plus, drivers will have electronic proof of delivery. 

Improve Visibility

  • Gain real-time visibility on an order through the integration of ELDs and mobile app usage. 
  • Enable all-mile visibility for better planning for both agents and customers.
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Key Benefits

Accelerated Growth

Connected UniGroup agents can effortlessly collaborate on orders and lanes, reducing empty miles and minimizing missed revenue opportunities. Meanwhile, real-time agent data provides insights and intelligence on accelerated growth opportunities. 

Expanded Share of Wallet

See improved customer retention and growth through self-serve portals, chat functionality and online POD. Gain and win new business by offering state-of-the-art customer technology with real-time track and trace to streamline the move process. 

Business Modernization

Experience more visibility and transparency with UniGroup Logistics, a proven leader in the logistics space, while modernizing  shipment processes, end-to-end. 

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